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Online Pharmacy Reviews And Ratings

With smart gadgets at hand, a virtual shopping complex walks with us, promising quality products at reasonable prices. The idea of online pharmacy was first promulgated in the medical sector a decade ago, and soon the practice touched our lives offering high convenience which was unthinkable before. The noticeable disparity between the prices and the quality compelled many a customers to approach online drugstores for their health care needs. Millions of customers prefer purchasing their prescription and over-the-counter drugs from online pharmacies because of the features like comfort, quality and affordability that follows. The plummeting customer flow at physical stores can be attributed to the overwhelming success of Internet medical stores.

It comes as no surprise that the global annual spending on the medications continues to rise, and probably, this is the factor responsible for the dramatic success of online pharmacies. It makes sense, though. Why should an individual make poor use of his time and money by visiting an online store when he can simply log into the drug site from the comfort of the couch and place an order? The inception of online pharmacies has not only eradicated all the discomfort of drug shopping, but also opened the gates of profitable employment opportunities.Presently, there is a myriad of online drug vendors, and it has become difficult to choose a trustworthy option because even the sector as sensitive as healthcare is not exempted from dishonest practices.

Online Pharmacies – How FDA Defines Them?

To define it simply, online pharmacy is an internet-based medical store engaged in the process of sale and purchase of medications, both prescription and over-the-counter. An online pharmacy offer medications at unbelievably low prices and hosts a number of offers and sales to serve the global clientele. The costs of drugs vary depending upon the geographical location and the laws of the state. As the prices differ from nation to nation, the medications can be purchased at fairly low prices which boosts savings. For instance, the market price of famous erectile dysfunction medication, Viagra or kamagra, is extremely high in the United States. While on the other hand, its generic medications available in other countries are priced reasonably. Therefore, Viagra from such online pharmacies can be purchased and shipped to the home country at a price lower than the US. However, the minds are wracked by doubts when the legitimacy of such pharmacies is concerned.

The Food and Drug Administration has maintained all care to protect the customers from the claws of illicit drug vendors. However, there is no clear law prohibiting the importation of medications.The medical watchdog has expressed fear and anguish over the authenticity and reliability of online pharmacies, which look real but trade counterfeit drugs. In the recent years, the medical custodian has come down heavily on the pharmacies who have skirted away from the duties for self-interests. Canadian pharmacies are considered the safest mediums to procure medications, but the way some of them operate has failed to impress FDA and warned the patients against the quality of the drugs.